First Post

The initial scope of this blog is to document my trip through reading the complete Protestant Bible (OT and NT).  I intend to read it without using a devotional perspective and relying upon years of ingrained presuppositions.  I may point out where those suppositions are challenged from time to time.  I will also attempt to not rely upon Higher (Source, Form) Criticism to influence my reading, although I may point out where those hypotheses are challenged or confirmed.  

This started out as a challenge for foreign language learning, for I am reading it in Nova Tradução na Linguagem de Hoje or NTLH in Portuguese.   I may also document points in time where the lack of English leads to a different interpretation.  I don’t speak Hebrew, Aramaic or Greek yet, but that may change in the future.

I am late to this blog, as I started reading about two weeks ago.  I completed o Evangelho de João and os Atos dos Apóstolos already, so I will have to make late entries for those books when time permits.


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